Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It is official.

I neglect my blog. I could blame the holidays but I'm going to blame the house. The house is eating into my blogging time but I blog about the house. It's an endless cycle.
Here's the latest photo of our subbasement (sub-basement, sub basement?)

It's currently moonlighting as a wading pool. We must have a crack somewhere down there and that last rainstorm flooded the little room. Fernando tried to bucket it out but gave up after about bucket number 25. I hope it doesn't freeze. It's not a huge deal because we can't really use that room (formerly a coal chute) at the moment for anything. It doesn't have electricity and usually holds the day job of spider farm. It's just another project to get too - hopefully before it freezes and more cracks develop.

Our floors and stairs are finished!

I do love them. The finish is not glossy and just like I expected a satin finish to be, even though it's semi-gloss. This photo was taken at night and the flash penetrated the layers of poly, showing it to be more brown than black. It does read black when you see it in person. I can't wait to paint those baseboards and am actually looking forward to a little time off to get to paintin'.
As for the bedroom paint color - I think the swatch was lost in the clean-up. I know I should remember the name but we debated over two, the other being BM's "Calm" and this other color won. I need to have more mixed for the baseboards so I'll ask the name of the color when I get to the store.
We've also had some exciting (for me) things delivered - more on that later. I promise to add more photos of the refinished floor, painted bedrooms, and yes the forgotten upstairs BATHROOM hopefully soon...


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  2. Hi, Heather, I love, love, love your home and all the refinishing you have done. Question, did I miss it somewhere: what is the brand/name/finish of the color you used for the trim (baseboards et all) in your bedroom? Love it. And I do hope you find the name of the wall color, too, it's gorgeous as well!

  3. I'm right there with you...what is it about renovating that takes sooooo much time that blogging goes out the window? I'm forcing myself to get back on the blog bandwagon! :)

  4. What happened to Benjamin?
    Alicia - thank you! The trim we will be using on all of the windows, doors, door frames, and some baseboards is Benjamin Moore's Winter Snow in the satin finish. I haven't had a chance to get to the paint store yet - all of this Christmas shopping and such - but I promise to post it asap. I'm beginning to think I have holes in my brain - I can't remember anything these days.
    Anna - thank you! :)
    Chelsea - All of the work is making me realize why I needed to blog about this in the first place. I need the encouragement to keep moving along! I really thought I would be able to have a tree up this year and have X-mas at my house... I don't even have a working shower yet!

  5. I love the sub basement. You could keep Hansel & Gretel in there or build a meth lab. The floors look lovely!

  6. thanks for looking into the paint colour of the bedroom....

    the floors look gorgeous!

  7. Thanks Kay!
    I just got in from all of my errands and actually just purchased the trim paint tonight. I know I'm slow - but all of this patching and sanding and priming takes so much time. I have a lot of baseboards!
    The color is Benjamin Moore's "Silver Satin." I like this color more and more everytime I look at it - it looks really nice with the dark floors.

  8. hi heather,
    would you mind sharing what color/brand floor stain you guys eventually ended up with ?

  9. Hi Michelle,
    We ended up using Minwax Ebony stain on the floors. It took two coats of stain to get to the color we wanted - our floors are pine. They then used two coats of gloss and the final coat was semi-gloss (3 finish coats in total.) I was told that gloss finish is harder and that's why they use it under the final coat. It seems to be holding up just fine so far. ;)