Tuesday, March 3, 2009

two steps forward, one step back

I've been sick since Friday. Needless to say my bathroom did not get painted this weekend. We did get the office fixture up and the Kulla lamp up in our bedroom. We also lost (sold) the living room fixture.
I'm still waiting for your suggestions! We've had vistors to the blog from Milan to Minsk (no kidding!) so vistors, welcome and please feel free to leave a comment. :)
Perhaps I should show you my dream fixture for this spot?

Unfortunately, unless this becomes available at my dream price (much, much cheaper) it's not happening anytime soon. We did have another idea for this spot but it's just plain crazy and I won't mention it again unless I'm forced to do it.
Let's see... we also wrestled with the garden on Friday, before I came down with a fever. I toppled 20 and 30 foot bamboo stalks. Fernando managed to dig up massive chunks of bamboo roots and rhizomes. I was going to take a photo for you - I had left them lying on our patio - but it snowed heaps all over the yard and they got covered up. I've realized that getting rid of the bamboo (or even just controlling it) is not going to be easy.
I did discover a huge old climbing rose in the back corner of the property while picking up a dead branch. Ouch. There were also the first signs of spring poking out - crocuses and I think daffodils. We did so much hacking that we can actually walk around the yard now. I'm just dreading binding up the branches and stalks to throw away. If anyone is in need of some cut bamboo for a project - let me know!


  1. Artemide has a few really nice ceiling pendant fixtures: Logico ceiling series, Mouette Asymmetrical or the Pirce fixture. Then there's also the 'classic' Nelson Crisscross fixture, Jasper Morrison's Glo-ball or Greg Gande "glo-egg" (it's on the Lightology website).

    I wish we would have gone with pendant lights in our renovation - oh well, budget. Next house!

  2. Ingrida - Thanks so much for the suggestions! I love the Logico series - very Alvar Aalto. I'd never been on the Lightology site before and I found a few things I like there. :)

  3. hey heather,
    i've got a post up just for you.
    take a look & let me know what you think :)

  4. You could buy one of these, one of these for the shades and pay a lamp shop in chinatown to build the fixture.
    I bet you could have a decent looking inspiration for well under $1000.

  5. Hi Shilo,
    Thanks for the ideas! I never thought of having a custom fixture made. We have a local lamp shop too that should be able to pull something like that off. At the moment, I'm working to getting a vintage fixture from someone I know who's moving. I'm hoping that works out! ;)