Friday, April 17, 2009


Damn you IKEA! Just when I find something I like - you never have it in stock! For my front porch, I desperately need a couple of these:

That's the MYNTA hanging planter - completely unavailable in NY and NJ at the moment. You see it matches these gunmetal grey Jonathan Adler pots I've been holding onto for more than a year (or two?) now:
I need to finally fill them up with flowers. And I'm pretty sure I need the hanging planters for a few of these:
I suppose with a profusion of flowers like that it doesn't really matter what the hanging planter looks like. It shouldn't be too hard - at least I'm not attempting this:
I've been starting my garden from seeds in Jiffy greenhouse trays. They work just great until they sprout too big for the greenhouse cover. I went a little crazy with the seeds - I think there are 11 kinds of tomatos:

Toby the cat loves digging up plants and killing them. Anyway, now is about the time when a few IKEA FRO mini greenhouses would come in handy:
Well, they would if they were available in any of the NY or NJ stores.
In other garden news, we've bought "new" vintage lawn furniture. We found two chairs and a small settee - perfect for the small patio area:

I want to make some bright stripe-y cushions for the seats. Now we just need to find a matching wrought iron round table.
The yard has gotten quite a bit cleaner:

Yes, it still needs a ton of work but at least we're not standing knee deep in leaves anymore - remember this:
I do.


  1. Okay, I have the planter you want (don't blame me for the low stock - I bought it last year!), but I don't know how to make amazing cascades of flowers burst out of it. TELL ME WHAT TO PLANT IN IT!!

  2. Anna,
    I actually hit the Paramus IKEA last night because I was in the neighborhood - and they had the MYNTA planters in stock! They're such liars when it comes to checking their stock online. ;)
    I bought two of the smaller size - they were much heavier than I thought they would be. I think with dirt and flowers the larger size would have been too heavy for my porch roof.
    As for flowers... I don't know exactly what to plant apart from one of my favorites - lobelia. It comes in many colors and you usually see it in most of the hanging baskets over in the UK. If I can find some seeds soon I'll probably put some lobelia in the planters.