Monday, June 22, 2009

a little peak inside...

We did a little work in the foyer (finally!) over the weekend. Some painting above the picture rail, sanding and staining of the banister, re-painting a pair of vintage sconces and changing one of the 3-way light switches. Waiting for the banister and newel post to dry:
We also attempted to put up our wallpaper in here and it did not work out. I'll be trying again next weekend so hopefully it will look more like a finished room soon.


  1. Wow, it looks beautiful. I love the stain you used for the banister and newel post. I've had trouble finding dark stains that don't go too red.

    What happened with the wallpaper? Did it just not look right?

  2. Okay, now I feel better for having had a "temporary" kitchen for 3 1/2 years (and counting)!

  3. Um, that's weird. I posted that second comment under your previous post (in response to your answer about the countertops), but it showed up here!! Hmmm.

  4. The wallpaper was so frustrating! My Mom and Aunt tried putting it up for us and they didn't realize that you couldn't book this paper. It's the kind that gets the paste on the wall. When they tried the first sheet, the ink started to come off in a few small spots - so we took it down. I didn't want to waste any more of it. I was a little sad because it looked so nice on the wall. We realized that we needed a larger brush to get the paste on the wall, faster. It seemed to be drying too quickly. Rather than making a run to the HD on the island that actually has stuff in stock (the one by us is poo poo) we decided to give up and try again next weekend.
    I'm planning to watch a lot of videos of wallpapering this week!
    Did you have any problems like that with your wallpapers? I have the sample book and it seems that some of the other Woods wallpapers are finished differently - like the ink wouldn't just rub off. Of course I picked one that would.
    At least your temporary kitchen looks amazing and is completely functional! I don't think you should ever change it. ;)