Sunday, August 16, 2009

what goes up and never comes down?

You know how people usually just wallpaper one accent wall in a room? Now I know why. This was hard. Really hard. There are 4 doors and a window in the area, lots of trim to cut around, some really uneven areas and of course the curved wall. Luckily, I had my Mom there to instruct me and help out along the way.
After the first mishap - applying the paste to the back of the wallpaper - I did my research on how to put it up. I settled on Roman's Golden Harvest Ultra Clear Adhesive Pro 880 paste. Cole and Son recommends using their own paste or a "pre-mixed wheat paste." I can't remember why I settled on the Pro 880 but it is recommended because it makes future removal easier. This is never coming down (at least for as long as I live here anyway.)
I'm not completely finished yet (this is around 15 hours of work, over two days!) I'm waiting to give the banister and newel post another coat of stain and some poly before I paper that area. Then I'll get to the finishing touches like above the door here:
We also finally hung our freshly painted Arteluce sconces. The ceiling fixture in here needs some adjustments and a special part to fit properly. No different than the rest of the ceiling fixtures in the house!
Yesterday we stopped in at the DWR store in Roslyn. I became smitten with the simple lines of their Shaker Settee. I would love it for underneath the sconces. The problem is it's 5 inches too wide for the space.
So, I guess I'm back to hunting around. I would really like to find something vintage since most of our furniture is vintage. We only have that chair in the corner at the moment to have somewhere to sit down to put on and take off our shoes.
In the slowest kitchen remodel ever news: we decided on a ceiling fan over a light fixture. I had a great vintage light fixture for the kitchen but Fernando thought we'd be better off with a ceiling fan since there's no circulation in there. I did a lot of hunting around to find something reasonable and not gross looking. I usually hate ceiling fans. I found the Minka Aire Concept I fan to be exactly what we were looking for:
It's up and installed already as of last weekend thanks to my Dad (who also bought it for us as an anniversary present.) I would definitely recommend it - it looks great, it's very well made and comes with anything you could possibly need to hang it up. It also has a remote control that we mounted inside the pantry. I'll post some photos soon when there's a little more progress in there!


  1. Oohhhhh. Looks nice! It was worth the effort.
    We wallpapered once but it was just one accent wall with out cut outs.

  2. The wallpaper looks great. I love the blue ceiling. I'm so afraid to wallpaper -mostly because I'm afraid I'll stop liking it after a year and not want to go through the effort to take it down.

  3. The wallpaper is really nice- I do like it. Years ago I wallpapered a room with a paper that had very smalls stars all over it. When I was more than halfway finished I realized that one and a half walls were hung upside down. I left it. I later divorced my husband and still giggle when I think about the trouble he'll have taking it down. I wish I could have seen the "silver lining" back then. ;)

  4. The wallpaper looks fantastic! The fact that it doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling works really well... the pattern doesn't get too overpowering, if that makes sense.
    I've been oggling that DWR settee as well... I'm sure you can locate a vintage one though, especially on the east coast...

  5. Emily PecotAugust 30, 2009

    The wallpaper looks incredible. Now I see why it was so difficult. Nice work!

  6. Hello! Just found your website (via Door Sixteen) and I have to say: love it. You guys have done an amazing job with your house. From the first photos to the current photos - wow, what a spectacular change. I'll be following along and seeing what you two do next...jealously as I am but a lowly renter (for now.) - Tara

  7. Hi Tara - welcome - and thank you! I suppose I'm overdue for a new post...

  8. Hello, design twin!

    I have the same wallpaper (in the black and white colorway) in our hall. I also (obviously) love your taste in light fixtures as well as dining tables.

    Can't wait to see your dining room all put together!

  9. Oh, I love that Shaker Settee!