Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JUMBO post!

I wanted to share my lastest project - my newly wallpapered linen closet. Here it is without its shelves:
The walls in here were in less than nice condition and needed sprucing up. The "wallpaper" was actually made via Kinkos on a blueprint copier from vintage wrapping paper. I found the roll many months ago, when it was still cold out (February?) and joked about using it to wallpaper the little bathroom downstairs. When I opened the roll and actually saw how amazing the paper was, I knew I needed to use it somewhere.
I used the same wallpaper paste here that I did with the Woods wallpaper in the foyer. If you ever decide to do something similar I highly recommend using very little paste applied directly to the wall. I ended up rolling it on and wiping most of it off, after I ruined sheet number 1. I made a lot of copies so ruining a sheet or two didn't really matter and I have leftover to use as gift wrap. This paper is super thin and gets pretty wrinkly the second it gets wet. The finished product has some ripples but I still love it. Also - the trimming is best done when the paper is dry. The shelves are back in now; I had painted them white a hundred months ago after stripping a hundred years of contact paper off of them. Now, I think I'll paint just the front edges with the same paint I used on the closet trim. The paint (BM French Beret) was leftover from the bathroom (right next to this closet.)
The paper states that the engravings were taken from Dr. J(ohn) Jonston's (Joannes Jonstonus)
"Description of the Nature of Quadrupeds, Fish, Bloodless Aquatic Animals, Birds, Coiled Creatures, Snakes and Dragons" Amsterdam 1660 A.D. I love the way the drawings on the paper are arranged to interact with each other; like the baboon (?) catching the ostrich egg. I especially like this man faced bird thing with his old school wig hair:
John Jonston (whose name is a perfect example of when something is gained in translation) is also responsible for this piece of incredible:
And this piece of amazing:
Yes, I realize the man needs his own post.
Other things have been happening around Chez Fixin' too - like COUNTERTOPS! Teaser:
Alas, the kitchen is still not finished yet. There is a lot of painting to do, the trim needs a lot of help and yes, we need drawer hardware. I'm hoping to finish up around Christmas.
A new light fixture was purchased for the upstairs hallway. I'll be happy to not have a bare bulb hanging around anymore. That whole area needs some wiring help before the fixture can be mounted. We chose this:

See how nice it looks in the product photo hanging against that grey background? I want to paint the hallway area a similar color. The fixture is by Artemide and is called Logico. We chose the largest size (standard) in the ceiling version. It reminds me of an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase - just upside down. It weighs about a ton and a half and is still in the box for now. I hope that we'll be able to hang it up this weekend.
I also finally ordered a fixture for the living room too. It's not a Mouille fixture but I figured that I should have some light in the living room while I save up $6000+ for a light fixture (yes, I am joking.) I don't have it in hand yet but it looks like this only upside down and with a much thinner neck:
We also bought this vintage (Poseidon?) door knocker that I hope fits on our front door:
What else you ask? Well, the found wooden bench has moved upstairs to our bedroom where it fits nicely against the wall that was formerly a fireplace:
The foyer got a new Kagan style bench with green upholstery that fits exactly where I had always wanted a bench:

We also put a white laquered linen tray top table from Jonathan Adler next to the living room door to use as a catch all for keys, cell phones, glasses, owls and anything else Fernando tends to misplace:

The office has a new case piece where a pile of junk used to hang out:
We also added an IKEA FADO lamp to the back bedroom on our "rid the house of bare bulbs spree." Oh and I'm working on a guest bedroom. We changed the fixture in there to another white IKEA KULLA pendant lamp and just bought a new mattress and box spring. I have a great headboard over at my Mom's house that I have to pick up and few other things planned... but that's all for another super sized post.


  1. Wow to all of this stuff! Your place is so inspiring.

    I really love your closet wallpaper job.

  2. WOWZER. Looks SO amazing.

    That wrapping paper is redonk - totally insanely amazing, what a great find. Totally jealous of all your architectural details btw.

  3. Everything looks super awesome!

  4. Everything looks great! I LOVE that wallpaper, and the tradition of putting crazy wallpapers in closets. Keep the updates comin'!

  5. UM. Wow. I don't really have any more to offer than that.

    Jaw on floor.

    Can we do a house tour on D16 at some point?

  6. So... I should check in here more often!
    Alison, Brick House, Lisa, Ingrida and Daniel - thank you all for your kind words of encouragement!
    Anna - I would be beyond flattered to do a house tour on D16! Let me try to at least finish up that kitchen first! ;)

  7. Your home is absolutely breathtaking! Phenomenal job, I have recently taken on a simillar project, resuscitating an old house, and now I can't wait to get home and break out the elbow grease. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. looooove your wallpaper. and your blog. and your header. that will be all.