Thursday, June 17, 2010

shutters for the day!

We luckily inherited most of our original storm windows for the house when we bought it. They were stacked in the basement:
And some of the original shutters too!

There are signs that they were once mounted outside:

If you look closely, you can see the dirty outline where they once were:

We had our local handyman take the best shutters to prime for us - we had 4 still in good condition. He brought them over today and gave them a preliminary hanging before Fernando paints them.

We purchased some of the hardware we were missing many months ago - it's a perfect fit. We'll be painting the hardware black and we will need to order more. We bought everything that was available in stock at the time from Reiman's Hardware.

I'll have to hunt around for the outer hardware too.

Temporarily in place! Now I'm thinking I might need wider window boxes...

I really can't wait to start working on the exterior trim paint. It will be nice to not have to look at that peeling yellow paint when I come home from work... too bad, we're still quite a ways off from that reality.


  1. What color(s) are you using for the exterior?

    I finally got rid of the last of the (interior) peeling yellow paint on my house, and it feels SO good. Now to deal with the rest of the (exterior) peeling green paint...

    I really wish our original storms still existed. The screens are in the attic, but no storms to be found. Boo. I'm guessing they ditched them when they had the gross triple-tracks installed.

  2. Anna,
    We have that same green on our window screens too! I'm convinced that stores only sold forest green and yellow exterior paint back in the day.
    I haven't officially picked the colors yet. I have about 20 samples taped to the front door and outside on the vestibule at the moment. We'll probably go with a dark grey or black (like your house) and a slightly lighter grey as an accent. Our gutters and leaders are a medium grey and the roof is black so we want something along those lines. It's also been hard deciding what we want super dark and what should be the accent areas. One of these days...

  3. I wish we had the original screens and storms for our windows. All we have are the triple track things. You can't open the top and bottom of the window at the same time which defeats the purpose of the double hung!

  4. All of our original shutters were removed and are not anywhere to be found. I have no idea why people remove those details, they were clearly on every window at one point. Yours are looking good!