Thursday, July 22, 2010

watch the hairpiece!

A few weeks back, over a long weekend, my Dad and Fernando finally pulled apart and rebuilt our front porch steps.

The decking was rotted in a few areas:
So new boards were added:
Finished steps:

They are still in their primed state since the weather has been too hot for painting. They (and the deck) will eventually be painted Sherwin-Williams, "Summit Gray."
They don't creak one bit.

We've also had our eaves painted!

It was a scary process... I'm glad we didn't have to get involved.
This area needed patching:
And after (a toupee in Sherwin-Williams, "Black Magic"):

Next up in exterior painting: the bay window. If this heat wave ever ends...


  1. YEAH!! Looking great. Isn't it exciting to be at this point?

  2. By the way - I'm still amazed no one died while our exterior woodwork was getting repaired/painted. One guy did fall, though.

  3. Are you painting the bay windows to match the eaves? It's looking FANTASTIC.
    Also, congrats on the new steps. It's a small thing, but an important one. I once lived in a house nicknamed "the hazard" because it was so janky and rundown. I moved out after breaking my ankle falling through a rotten porch support. So yes, in conclusion, yay!

  4. Anna:
    How scary! The painter told me that he fell off of the roof belonging to one of my neighbor's when he painted their house - and he wasn't wearing a safety harness. I made sure I was at work during all of the action. I freaked out a little when I saw the photos.
    We're probably not painting all of the trim this year but we wanted to get a start - especially on all of the peeling areas.
    I think we're doing the eaves, top eaves on the porch and bay window, window frames and glass vestibule on the porch in "Black Magic" and the steps, porch, bay window (even the window framing) and shutters in "Summit Gray." I'm not sure what to do with the columns or trellis yet.
    Suggestions are welcome!