Monday, October 18, 2010

shutters up.

Do you ever obsess over what should be the simplest things? I had such a hard time trying to choose the shutter dogs for our shutters. I didn't even realize there was a choice in such things (or that they were even called shutter dogs) until I started to look for them. I did so much online research and drive by photo snapping that I ended up with a folder full of photos - of shutter dogs!
Taken in Princeton, NJ over the summer; propeller:
Rat tails:

"S" variety:
"S" variety mounted on the side:
Taken in Historic Richmondtown, Staten Island, NY:
Scroll variety:

Crude yet minimal replacement on the same building:

For our own shutters, we've chosen the "S" variety. This is really more a choice of economy rather than an actual decision. We happened across two new old stock sets of "S" shutter dogs at a yard sale a few weeks back. They were $1 a box! It looks like we even saved 60 cents on the original price.

As of last week, the shutters are finally up on the house.

We now also have 7 different colors of paint on the house. This is the first time I've seen the grey we chose against the house. I love it. I'm not a "paint a patch and see what it looks like" kind of person - I chose this from a tiny swatch and bought it all at once. Relief.

We still need to find shutters for the upper floors. The other shutters we inherited had too much rot to salvage. Now, I can start obsessing over shutters.


  1. whoa! that does not even look like the same house!
    really fresh & really clean looking!

    speaking of obsessing over something simple..
    do tell about the trellis on the porch please.
    did you sand & repaint what was already there?

    i've seen old photos of our house with trellises on the porches that are no longer here.
    we've gone so far as to planting the confederate jasmine we picked out, but now it's creeping onto the bench on the porch for lack of trellis.

    i suppose it's only a matter of time before we decide what to build or buy.

  2. Oh! I liked the S ones best, yay for finding some!

    Also, are you shutters the same grey at you painted your porch steps? I can't wait to see the exterior all painted up in the colors of your choosing.

    Also, I have turned into an obsessive (OBSESSIVE) St. George real estate lurker via trulia and zillow thanks to your blog. Any parts of the hood I should "stay away" from in my lurking?

  3. Hi Michelle,
    The trellis is original to the house. I love it. It needs a little repair on one of the panels. We have not done a thing to it apart from unwinding the vast amount of ivy that once covered the entire house off of it. The current paint on it is original and we plan to have it re-painted - but that probably won't happen until next spring.

    We still haven't painted the steps yet! It's coming (I keep telling myself) and it has to be done before winter. They will be the same grey as the shutters. I can't wait to see it all painted too. ;)
    I've been working on my St. George story for you but it's way too long. I need to edit a lot and I haven't had much time lately to do it.
    You have an open invitation to come and visit us when you get back to the city. We'll take you all over St. George (which is actually pretty small) and give you a taste of Staten Island. If you have any questions about specific properties you see (chances are I know where it is) you can shoot me an email at Our zip code is 10301 for searching online but that zip tends to include a lot of other nabes that realtors like to say are St. George.

    Oh - the house next door just went back up for sale last week (short sale) if anyone out there is interested. It's a fixer upper - email me for the phone number since it's not online.

  4. It's part of the quaint characteristics of old homes we love. I like the S shaped shutter dogs the best. Although the others look like little propellers-cute.

  5. Gorgeous, Heather!! So exciting.

    Are you going to paint the sash exteriors and frames yourselves (eventually)? I still don't know what to do about that. The windows are the last things remaining on our house that need paint...

  6. wow, i have never been shutter shopping, but I can see the glory in it.