Thursday, September 4, 2008

glimpses of the past

I stumbled across these photos and they reminded me of how far we've come since the vines came down. This is the previous view from all of the windows.

I also came across this photo from the library that Fernando had taken a few weeks ago. It's our house sometime post the 1934 renovation... probably in the 40's. I want to get a copy of the photo but I haven't gotten around to ordering it. They will only let you make a photocopy and their photocopier must be overloaded with toner. All you can see is black in the print. So he took a photo of the microfiche screen.

I can just make out a nice iron fence around the property where we now have a hedge. There is also a tall tree in the front where we currently have a large bush. You can also see the old bluestone sidewalk that was replaced a few years ago by the city because the last owner didn't maintain it. We still have a bluestone path that leads up the side of the house and the window sills are also bluestone.

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  1. wow that is such a cool photo to find! should see if you're able to track down a copy to frame.