Monday, September 8, 2008

let there be light and walls and tile

We have walls in the kitchen again! The new plaster is drying and we've had some new spotlights put in (and the fridge was sold.) There was a little miscommunication and now we have a light that isn't centered above the arch but we're just going to have them take it out altogether. We did have a light wired right into that little passageway so I don't think we'll miss it. There will be 3 new halogen spotlights on each side of the room, the center fixture and a little one between the dining room door and pantry.

As you can see the poor doorbell got plastered into the wrong spot. Hopefully, he will be centered back up above the arch soon.

We also had a couple of spotlights installed in the dining room to highlight whatever we end up putting above the fireplace. We had another installed on the wall to the left between the two windows, also to highlight future art. On the opposite wall to the fireplace we had two sconces wired, one on either side of the window.

In powder "closet" news - the tile has arrived! We're very happy with it. It was hard for me to order something like this online since I wasn't able to feel them or see them in person. This time I really got lucky. I couldn't resist laying them out on the floor (even though the room is still quite gross) and as you can see it's not going to take much to cover it. That's a whopping 4 square feet there!

I've been looking around for a nice wallpaper to use in here and Fernando has been freaking me out with the idea of Men splashing urine on the walls. The room is SO small and the walls are so close to the toilet. He's insisting I need a washable wallpaper or tiles on the wall and I've just decided that this will be a Ladies (or Men who pee like Women) only room.
And with that here's a taste of what I'm imagining for in here:

I guess I could have just scanned a sample since these pics are not a very good representation but I didn't. So, you have to imagine that there is lots of black and a bit of grey and silver and the hummingbirds are coral and turquoise. I may change my mind (or come to my senses and buy something vinyl) tomorrow but this is definitely what I like today.


  1. it's all coming along so beautifully! those tiles are absolutely gorgeous! i love marble tiles like that! and i LOVE the wallpaper - may i ask where you found it? i adore black walls and the hints of colour will look fantasic i think.

    my dream is to one day renovate an old rundown home from scratch. so until then i'll live vicariously through your blog :o)

  2. kay - thank you! that's really encouraging. i keep seeing all of the dust on myself after i leave the house and wonder if it will all ever be finished?
    that wallpaper is called "grove garden" and is by osborne and little. a decorator friend had a sample of it and i was instantly in love. now i'm thinking a little wainscotting might be in order and then wallpaper above that? we'll see.

  3. Yeah, I was going to suggest wainscot. Or...glossy black 4" tiles?

    I looooooove the herringbone. Jealous!

  4. good idea - i didn't even think of black tiles. i was just thinking i'll have paint the wainscoting black to match the wallpaper and then people (in my family) will question why it's not white.

  5. okay, just when i thought i had chosen the tile for my bathroom, your herringbone has totally thrown me off! i love it! would you mind sharing where you purchased yours? thanks!

  6. absolutely not - just drop me an email at

  7. Hi, I've been following your blog for a while. Great tile. I love the subway-esque look to it-(long and thin). Thanks for the great posts.

  8. The powder closet marble herringbone floor tile is fantastic! Can I ask your source as well? I'm getting ready to dive into my own bathroom remodel and am looking for the same type of look. Your home is GORGEOUS and you've chosen spectacular finishes. I can't wait to follow your project through completion!

  9. Hi Chelsea,
    Thank you! I ordered them online from a private seller. Feel free to drop me an email at and I will put you in contact with my source.