Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama moves to the White House and the Kitties move to the Brick House.

Oscar and Toby have moved in with us. They seem to really like their new house - especially all of the windows.

We had a long, lazy and snowy weekend. With mornings like this:

Looking out of the window at this:

Oscar has been sleeping under the covers. He really likes the electric blanket.

Other creatures sniffing about:

I've been doing laundry! Here is an action photo of the first load of laundry EVER done in this 99 year old house:

We did get a few things accomplished. Some furniture was unwrapped and moved into the living room so we have a place to sit other than the bed. There's cardboard under the furniture legs to protect the floors. There will be rearranging and editing in the future - I don't want to get too comfortable in here right now because I still have to fix the moulding.

Thanks to my dad, a few doors were hung (with working doorknobs!) The water dispenser and ice maker in our fridge are also hooked up.

Fernando laid out that platform for the washer and dryer in the basement. It raises the machines a few inches off of the ground in case we have any more water. We still need to paint the surrounding floor. He also filled up some cracks with hydraulic cement. We haven't had water since but I think most of the ground is still frozen from the weather lately.

We finally decided on a much needed mirror for the bathroom. If it's in stock I should be buying it tomorrow.

This weekend we plan to get some of the light fixtures up. Oh how I'll miss the hanging bulbs.

The big problem with hanging lights here is that some of the wiring doesn't have anything around it to secure a fixture to. The living room is the only one ready to go but it stopped working a week ago. I think it might just be loose wires in the switch or a bad switch. I also changed my mind about the fixture for in there... decisions are hard.


  1. oh gosh, i loooooooooove your sofa. i'm a huge fan of loose back cushions AND loose seat cushions and most places seem to be doing one or the other now. i'm also a huge fan of a 3 seat sofa and most retailers seem to be leaning to 1 long cushion or 2.

    so your sofa is so perfect :)

  2. Kay - It's actually a vintage sofa. The first owner had the original olive green corduroy replaced with this pink chenille. It was also refoamed at the time. I've had it for at least 5 years and since it's so comfortable, it already needs another re-cover.
    I'm thinking olive green corduroy! ;)

  3. Wow, your house looks amazing and I love all the renovations you've done!

    Also, I have a soft spot for the cute kitties :)

  4. Justin SchultzJanuary 25, 2009

    You did an amazing job restoring this old beauty. You are a very brave soul to had taken on that project. We looked at it ourselves, but were scared.

  5. Erin - thanks so much! I'm a HUGE fan of your blog. :)

    Justin - Thank you! Curious to know how you found the blog? Do you also live in St. George?
    We had a crush on this house for years and used to walk by and dream about what might be inside. I think the fact that it was largely intact forced us to make an offer. There ended up being a bidding war but I am still happy that we were able to make the purchase.
    You are so right - it was scary inside and out - we were very naive!

  6. So much fun reading about your home, cute CUTE kitties, our doggy has our electric blanket now...

  7. Hi Michelle!
    I didn't even think of getting them their own electric blanket - then again, I kind of like them stealing our warmth at night. :)