Wednesday, February 11, 2009

so, let's make the most of this beautiful day...

The beautiful weather today is putting me in the mood for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Maybe this evening after work?
For now, I thought I'd post a link to Forgotten NY's latest walking tour of St. George for you to check out - it's an interesting read. I actually happened to catch the tour group stopped in front of our house from our living room window when they did this tour! Here's another link to an older Forgotten NY St. George walking tour from back in 1999.
And I thought I'd share a few old photos we've taken around the neighborhood over the last 6 years or so...

Walking up from the ferry at night - view of Carrere and Hastings designed Borough Hall.

An unsung bit of prairie architecture on St. Marks Place close to Hamilton Ave.

St. Peter's church on St. Marks Place.

A face of Stuyvesant Place.

Crumbling brick near Bay Street Landing ("The Pearl" being built in the background.)

Corner of Westervelt Ave. and St. Marks Place - house designed by Edward A. Sargent.

Opposite side of same corner - brick colonial with plaster lions keeping guard.


  1. Hmmm, so you moved into your house...and we don't get any more updates?! C'mon, I miss your house! ;)

  2. :)
    Maybe you can help by bottling some of your energy and sharing? I would pay for your stamina!
    I'm determined to finish SOMETHING this weekend. Even if it's just the bathroom - it only needs a simple coat of paint. And then I'll post some photos...