Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The new Artemide Nesso ceiling fixture in the living room, just in time for Christmas:

You may be used to seeing this classic design in the tabletop version. We purchased it as a special order from Artemide and we were told there were only 20 of them made... we bought two!
The tree has been up for a while and we hung a nice big wreath on the pier mirror (I don't have a photo.) Here's a detail of the tree - funny, it felt a lot taller in our old apartment. Maybe we'll get a taller one next year?

We were late this year in sending out our holiday cards. Fernando had a great last minute idea. He used an image from an old original Andy Warhol card we found a few years back that has since been sold. All we had to work with was the poor quality photo on the left. With a little color added and some Photoshop magic, I think it turned out pretty nice:

Happy Holidays to you!


  1. Okay, I'm obsessing over pale gray paint again. What color did you wind up using?

    Also, that light = AMAZING.

  2. Hi Anna, I didn't wind up using anything yet! You'll notice that we do things waaaay slower around here than at D16. ;)
    I'm having problems settling on one - I was thinking of asking you for a suggestion, actually! I've had swatches in the hallway for months now. I'm going to have it painted so I want to be sure I love the color first - I don't want to pay to have it done twice!

    The light was SUPER cheap - and I'm really happy with how it looks in there. I never really liked the Nesso table lamps and I can't imagine why they never put this into full production? Bizarre.

  3. love that as a ceiling fixture!