Thursday, February 4, 2010

lights! photos! but not much action.

I will be a very happy person when I don't have to look at primer covered walls anymore. As you can probably guess, our dining room is still not painted. The reason: the plaster crown molding still needs to be repaired. I think I've found a place that can replicate it, now I just have to trace it and order it and have it made and have it installed - one of these years. In the meantime we've hung some things on the walls and just most recently installed the ceiling medallion and new vintage light fixtures (so much nicer than bare bulbs.)
Cracked molding:
Hey, it's a little better than this:

"New" 1970's Barbini fixture and medallion:
Here's the newly refinished dining table (we still need to find chairs we like, so we're making do with these:)

A close up of the "new" fused glass sconces:

I would love to hear your color suggestions for the upstairs hallway - what's your favorite light to medium grey?
I'm taking color suggestions for the dining room too. At first I wanted a mossy, olive green - but it's a big commitment and I want to be sure. There are three landscape paintings hanging in there as well - all with gold and olive green tones. The adjacent living room is painted Benjamin Moore's Iced Cube Silver , so something that doesn't clash with that would be great. Or maybe it should just be the same color as the living room?
Iced Cube Silver:

And finally: if you're an admirer of vintage design you may want to check out Fernando's new blog storefront. It will feature a mix of furniture, art and decorative objects and it will (hopefully) be updated more regularly than Get To Fixin'. We'll be introducing it on Monday... so keep an eye out!


  1. I am worthless when it comes to suggesting gray paint colors, but HOT DAMN that is an incredible light fixture!!

  2. Say WHAT!

    That fixture is making me go crazy jealous. It's amazing - love it with the ornate medallion.

  3. absolutely gorgeous light! what a fantastic juxtaposition with the medallion, and that grey is beautiful I love super delicate grey's have you seen oyster by behr? it is even paler with the slightest hint of cool pink if that makes sense...

  4. MEOW! that light fixture is amazing!