Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day: outside and inside

Morning shoveling:

Bamboo bending:

The only time chain link fencing looks ok:

Curtis High School is quiet:

Ferocious Toby:

Snuggly Toby:

Surprised Oscar:

Mellow Oscar:


  1. Those kitties are adorable. Surprised Ocsar in particular.

    Also, I am incredibly jealous of all the snow New York has been having.
    It barely snowed at all for the last three years. I move away for a year? BOOM! snowmageddon.

  2. shilo - we ended up with 14 inches! all of the roofs look like marshmallows and the garbage cans have muffin tops.
    i love snow when i don't have to commute in it - i'm so happy i stayed home yesterday!