Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ceiling medallions!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased two ceiling medallions for the living and dining rooms. We did have a plaster medallion in the dining room that Stanley's crew was able to save when they tore out the ceiling but I don't think it's very us. I wanted something less ornate or maybe less floral? Something to enhance our modern ceiling fixtures but still in keeping with the 1930's renovation that had last left it's mark on the house. I prefer medallions that aren't confined to a circle, that spread out beyond a designated area (like the second example below.)

I looked all over the internet - spending HOURS when I really should have been sleeping. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted but I don't recall ever seeing anything like what I imagined should be available. In short, I decided I wanted an Art Deco sunburst or starburst design much like a vintage Syroco clock. Crazy you say? Perhaps, but I actually found what I was looking for!

I ordered two and they arrived yesterday. They are so nice in person. According to the website, these are made of "furniture grade high density polyurethane" but they really have the look and feel of plaster without the weight.
Now, I want another for the kitchen but I'm feeling guilty for not wanting to use the original medallion. It's not my favorite design and a typical "confined within a circle" pattern. I think we could always use it upstairs in our bedroom but it has little grapes on it which I'm guessing means that it was meant for a dining room or kitchen. Think the grapes will stand out after getting a coat of white paint?


  1. Get--so where does the medallion come from?

  2. Hi Mitch,
    I bought it online at Here's the exact link:
    It came pretty fast and I'm pleased with the quality... so I would recommend them.