Monday, August 4, 2008

so small we couldn't fit the camera inside

This is our powder room. I'd say it's more like a powder closet. In fact, it was once another passageway into the kitchen from the dining room. There is a pantry in the kitchen that is backed by the foyer closet and it would have made a much bigger powder room. I'm guessing that they didn't want to run the plumbing that far through the kitchen in 1934. Now we have a bathroom where everyone wants a bathroom - in our dining room.

As you can see, the last owner did a bang up renovation job with nice white tile and BLACK grout. There is also a lovely and appropriate Pepto-Bismol pink on the walls. We didn't plan on fixing either of the bathrooms until next year but this one is so small, why not?
Fernando started pulling the tile off of the walls (taking plaster off too) and now you can see right through the lath into the kitchen! I think we'll let Stanley's team finish it up. It had somehow been outfitted with all of the necessary things a two by four foot powder room needs: medicine cabinet (not recessed,) wall mount mirror, two shelves and two towel bars. There is no toilet paper holder? There's also a vent pipe running floor to ceiling that we'll have boxed in. I want to have the walls plastered, maybe papered and just tile the floor with a small mosaic. If you can believe it - it's less than 9 square feet! I would love to find a toilet that is shorter in depth and we'll be keeping the small sink and just changing the faucet. Anyone have a lead on a toilet less than 27" in depth?


  1. Heh, we have a second bathroom in our dining room, too, also in an area that originally led to the kitchen. Ours also has that funky PVC pipework leading from the sink drain to the vent stack in the corner. (Ours is held together with duct tape, how about yours?)

    We're going to box in the vent, and maybe build a short wall (like this) to enclose the rest of the sink pluming.

    Don't TINY bathrooms with GIANT tiles kill you? I love that they were able to fit, like, 2.25 tiles going across. At that point, why not just use one giant tile?

    Oh! I'm pretty sure the Kohler Rialto is the smallest toilet available. It's on my list for my own dining room bathroom reno. ;)

  2. Anna,
    I love that short wall idea! I'm not so sure we should try that since we are not going to address that plumbing right away - I want to leave it accessible. It's copper piping - so OLD.

    I certainly think the tile to bathroom size ratio should be at least be considered. They should be required to explain this at all tile stores.

    We checked out the Rialto last night at HD (I'm seeing way too much HD lately) and have decided that it's the least offensive option in toilets. If money were not an object I would definitely want the Purist. I'm not sure why toilets always have to look like toilets? Who's designing these things anyway?

  3. oooh, I am doing all my bathrooms now do. I have super fun Moroccan tiles in zany patterns and colors for all the floors and have done all the walls in tadelakt, a burnished Moroccan wall treatment. And I am putting in laquered cabinets and vessel sinks. I really hope it turns out okay. eeek! I am all for really bold, really fun bathrooms and really want to do our powder room in a crazed wallpaper and have it all be an experience.....ahem, while people are doing their business....