Wednesday, August 27, 2008

some antiques roadshow advice...

You will wait in line to get inside to just wait in line again. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and if you have something heavy, bring a dolly! I saw people moving furniture forward on a line each time it advanced (hard!) Each different item has a different line - so if you have 4 pieces of furniture you can just wait on the furniture line. If you have a painting, a piece of glass and two pieces of furniture like we did - that's another three lines.

Below is a shot of the preliminary line - the one you wait on so you can get to the other lines inside!

If you're going - don't bring a painting. I think I'm allowed to give that advice after waiting four hours in the painting line. ;)

We also discovered that there's a formula to get filmed for a segment. Don't expect your item valued at $12,000 on a bad day to who knows what on a good day and with more research (like our little overturned table there) to get on TV. The pattern is apparently: an early American table, an old grandfather clock, a piece of Art Nouveau glass, a Civil War era gun and yet another Nakashima dining table for every episode. ;p We really did have a good time!

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