Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Major Update, reporting to duty

So... as you can see, we are not using drop cloths. We are having the floors refinished so it's not a huge deal. It's just gross when you come in and trek plaster dust all around the house with you.

Here are some of the rooms with new plaster. The trim still needs fixing.

The plumbers are finished! We now have a washer hook-up (in 98 years there was no washer or dryer in the house), a hose bib in the backyard, the basement sink now drains into the sewer and not a bucket and the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom is working properly and not leaking all over the dining room ceiling. We hired P.A.C. Plumbing for the job and they were so fast and very thorough. I don't know what P.A.C. stands for? Professional and Courteous? Precise and Careful? There was one mishap involving the top of the upstairs bathroom pedestal sink falling - I think it broke itself because it knew just how ugly it was. They replaced it and the new sink (another pedestal of better quality) is actually nice... I may just keep it when we do that reno in the future.
We came in over the weekend and realized that our kitchen had been destroyed. It makes complete sense since the walls were too far gone to simply repair - still, it was shocking.

Looking towards the pantry and dining room. There is another door (leading to the foyer and basement door) hiding behind the fridge.

Looking towards the back door.

This kitchen has been hard to plan out with all of the windows (2), doors (4) and hearth to plan around. We've opted for two 30" base cabinets with drawers to the right of the hearth. This will allow for counter space right up to the range. There will be four 24" glass front cabinets stacked in twos above that (so we don't go over the brick.) On the left of the hearth we're placing a tall, yet small pantry to fill in the space between the dining room door. Opposite that there will be a skinny wet island with the dishwasher and sink. The fridge will be on the opposite wall with a cabinet above it to utilize the space above. Confused? So am I.

I'm told it will look something like this in the hearth area:

The measurements are not that accurate but the idea is there. Unless we change our minds, the cabinets will be Somerset from Hanssem in "Crystal White." Countertops and backsplash will be some sort of Carrara marble... I didn't realize there were so many kinds.


  1. Ooooooh, the fresh plaster looks so gooooood!! Isn't is a great feeling?

  2. YES! It's such a great feeling! The walls were soooo funky before (and stinky from years of smoke.) It makes me want just plain white on every single wall! It's all I can look at at the BM store.