Thursday, July 3, 2008

appliances and discoveries

I am very excited to report that we have chosen and purchased all of our new appliances for the kitchen. I've actually been eyeing the GE Cafe appliances for a while now and hoping that I could convince Fernando into buying them.

We ended up with the range, dishwasher and the french door refrigerator. I have to admit that I didn't even check out the range all that well and I later discovered that it has two ovens (sounds like a cookie party to me, Erin!)

We had a major discovery after scraping up all of the super stinky red linoleum off of the floor - we have wood floors in the kitchen! We did plan on putting down a tile floor so not only will the wood floors warm up the kitchen, they will save us money too. ;)

As for the range hood... we weren't sure what kind to purchase. We still haven't chosen the cabinets or finalized the layout. We've decided to wait and buy it later - who knows what other surprises we will find? Poking around the other day we discovered some brick behind the plaster walls. I don't think I want to expose any of the walls but I'm hoping to discover the original hearth behind there somewhere. The former owner claims it's back there and that it was just covered up in the last renovation (you know the 1934 renovation!)

smelly red linoleum:

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