Friday, July 4, 2008


The hearth was back there after all! My father and F. hacked away at the wall behind the stove and sink and there it was. It's in remarkably good condition, just missing part of one brick where they put in an electric box and covered in a layer of paint. After seeing it, I commented how amazing it would be to put the new range in it. We measured and it will actually fit the new range! Now we have a few ideas for the range hood but I have to do a lot more measuring before a final decision. And we should be able to vent the hood into the chimney.

Here's the demo:

You can see the red linoleum is gone - but the paper backing is still there. I'm not going to scrape it up until most of the demo is done to save the wood a little wear and tear.

Hmmm - apparently, we didn't take a photo of the hearth exposed! I guess that will just show up in a later post.

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